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10th of May 2021: Still strange times, still postponed album. Been some gig opportunities up north in Norway with Topcoat. We tour the 35th jubileé show at Culture Houses and such places now. Good to be back on the road. Check the gigs page here for detailed tour info. I cross my fingers that the Virus don´t shut us down again.

4th of December 2020: This year has been strange, to say the least. I have to postpone my album "Shuffle" until 2021. It seems hopeless to release an album and not be able to tour it, so the release will occur when the world has returned to a somewhat normal. On the bright side: I will release another single from the "Shuffle" album called "The longer you live". The track is mixed by Lars Inge Pedersen and are now sent over to Abbey Road Studios for mastering. Its an midtempo shuffle written by myself and Raymond Robertsen. It features the groovemeister Kåre Amundsen on drums. It will be released the 14th of december on all streaming plattforms.

10th of july 2020: Glad to announdce a new album will be out this fall. It´s called "Shuffle" and contains 10 original tunes. I have many fantastic musicians participating on the project and 1 song will be sung by my good friend Bob Gorman, all other songs will feature yours truly on vocals. I am exited about this. "Shuffle" will in addition to be available on streaming platforms be available in LP format. How cool is that? More info about this project is coming soon. The first single from this album is already out and is called "Beggars Blues". You will find it on spotify, iTunes and other places you stream your music. Enjoy and stay tuned!

27th of may 2020: Welcome to my guitarpage. This site is about my musical journey so you can read what I have done, will do and hope to do in the future. I have an artist page on facebook that you can follow and also a page dedicated to my little record label. Enjoy your stay, and don´t hesitate to contact me if you have some interesting projects going on:)

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