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5 - 15: Gigging around - Gran Canaria

3: w/ Houseband, jamsession - Jernteppet, Hammerfest
5: w/ HE Jubilee bigband - AKS, Hammerfest
5: w/ Topcoat - Private arr, Hammerfest
6: w/ Topcoat - Stage, Hammerfest

15: w/ Trubadurbonanza - Stage, Hammerfest
18: w/ Orcheatra de Casa - Barentskonferansen, Hammerfest
19: w/ Orchestra de Casa - Barentskonferansen, Hammerfest.

1: w/ Topcoat - Millionfisken, Sjøvegan
2: w/ Topcoat - Millionfisken, Sjøvegan
14: w/ Vi hyller Erik Bye - Hammerfestdagene, Hammerfest
25: w/ Mehamnrevy - Nordkynfestivalen, Mehamn
30: w/ Rolf-Hugo Myrseth - Fiskefest, Bergsfjord

13: Orchestra de Casa bigband - Fruholmen fyr
18: w/ Topcoat - Ølfestivalen, Tromsø
19: w/ Topcoat - Ølfestivalen, Tromsø
20: w/ Topcoat - Ølfestivalen, Tromsø

3: w/ Rebbely Hills Records Roadshow - Rebstock, Hammerfest

Glasgow Jazzfestival 07

With Tore Hansen

With my beloved Les Paul in Stavanger

With Noora Noor

With Tore Hansen

With Jan Arild Sørnes

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