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SpotifylogoLars Rune Rebbestad, called "Rebbe" by friends, is a guitarist, composer and producer. He has played on countless albums, and done even more livegigs both in and out of Norway.

Rebbe's sound and style is reminiscent both of Steve Lukather, Mike Landau and Brett Garsed, but he has his own uniqe style and phrasing. People first notice his incredible versatility and rocksteady technique, before being dazzled with both blistering, jawdropping licks and candlelight sensitivity.

All this, and then some, in one package consisting of Rebbe and his guitars. Be sure not to miss out on Rebbe and his music!

- Written by Jan Ludvigsen, 2006.


The poster for my band DECIBELLars Rune Rebbestad (Rebbe) currently lives in his hometown Hammerfest, which he returned to in september 2010, after being located in the southern part of Norway for several years.

Rebbe is pr. 2021 still gigging regularly with his own band and other artists/ projects. Check out the gigs page if there is some upcoming gigs where you live.

As a producer/ Composer/ Studiomusician Rebbe have his own studio called Rebbely Hills Studio, and a record company called Rebbely Hills Records.

In his "day job", Rebbe teaches guitar, bass, piano and music technology at Hammerfest Kulturskole. This "day job" also includes performing duties and studio work)

"He plays from somewhere deep in his soul, with passion an conviction. His guitar moves me deeply." - Russ Taff

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