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Rebbely HillsRebbely Hills Records is a small record company run by Lars Rune "Rebbe" Rebbestad. We are lokated in the worlds northernmost town, Hammerfest. We focus our attention on a small "stable" of quality artists, for the most part locals from the northern part of Norway.

We offer:
- Professional recording in quality studio facilities. We also have a mobile studio.
- Mixing
- Mastering
- Printing small quantities of CD/ DVD with graphic design
- Publishing on streaming plattforms such as eks. Spotify, itunes.
- Registring musikk with GRAMO, TONO
- Graphic design, coverart etc.

We have teamed up with Arctic Foto v/ Odd Inge Jacobsen and Tor Even Mathisen (Video).

In late 2013 I felt the need for establising a little, independent recordcompany. Many artists I worked with and produced, struggled with the aftermath of the recording process. How to get noticed?, publish my songs on streaming platforms? what about registring my songs? etc.

With Rebbely Hills Records we try to focus on those things and help our artists on their way to recognition and success.

If you want to contact us, use the contact info on this page. Looking forward to hear from you.


Rebbely HillsArtists so far:
Lars Ole Godø - (Stars) - 2013
Morty (Give me all you got) - 2014
Reidar Næss (NÆSS) - 2012
Geggen Mauno
Lars Rune Rebbestad - (Carmen) - 2013
Werner Larsen
Jon Arne Tandberg


Spotifylogo17th of October 2013: I have released another track on Spotify Wimp, iTunes, Amazon etc. The track is called "Tick, Tock" and is an instrumental piece I recorded with Vegard Moshagen - Kb, Geir Åge Johnsen - Ds and Ole Kristian "Kelly" Kvamme -

You can listen to "Tick, Tock" on Spotify HERE!

If you want to buy the song and by that support my music, the iTunes link is HERE!

14th of October 2013: I have released a single. I have recorded a version of the late great Marius Muller song "Carmen". It is published on Spotify and Wimp. My first release in 18 years, I am not that busy releasing my own stuff:)

Edit: You can listen to "Carmen" on Spotify HERE!


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